Gotham Bhatia

Taking the charge on lead generation that dually befits both businesses and customers, is something Gotham Bhatia – a data and lead generation specialist for over two decades – is focussed on achieving.

Having spent many years leading and managing lead generation teams at some of the largest data companies globally, Gotham believes a shift in approach to lead acquisition and delivering was essential to the future growth – and revenue stakes – of the businesses he partners with. 

Lead generation loyalty to both business and potential customers needs to be set down in order to fulfil sales expectations and help companies build robust customer bases for the long-term.


Individuals in focus

The focus is about nurturing customers for future sales, and tailoring lead generation strategies specific to a business’ individual requirements. This enables Gotham Bhatia and his team of lead generation specialists to connect with the ideal customer from the very start, and then deliver these nurtured customers to businesses at the right time. 

The upshot is businesses receive the best customer for their product or service, achieve their monthly KPIs, meet revenue targets and keep stakeholders happy.

Beyond mass appeal

Maintaining exclusivity across lead generation engagement processes ensures best results for all parties involved. What Gotham Bhatia and his business partner Cory Gordon – a marketing strategy expert – hold fast to is sustaining a niche focus through their business lens – Growth Rocket. 

By working intimately with a select number of business clients they are able to truly resonate with the workings of their operations – their goals, their systems, their capabilities, and the team of people who support them. This allows them to diversify and hone their lead generation strategies and action qualified choices in line with business focuses.

Keeping up with the connections

Growth Rocket has changed the lead generation ballgame. Not just putting customers in front of a businesses, instead nurturing the right leads and connecting them to businesses when the timings right, to successfully get them cross the line.

“Businesses spend big dollars on their branding – and getting their name out there into the marketplace – we are the next step in reeling in the right customers for them,” explains Gotham Bhatia.

“Customers don’t always know what they want, or who they want to go to or speak to – we help them qualify their choices and build long-term relationships with businesses that sing to their tune.”






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