Cory Gordon

As a digital and marketing strategist with decades of expertise spent carving successful marketing pathways for multinational companies, Cory Gordon knows a thing or two about consumer behaviour and the psychology behind advantageous lead generation.

He experienced time and time again the poor quality, high volume of leads the companies he worked with, were being feed by outsourced lead generation suppliers. With high costs paid per lead, and too few successfully converting – not to mention precious minutes down the drain – Cory knew a shift in lead acquisition and management was crucial to boost business growth and morale.


No less than perfect

What Cory Gordon could see was evidently wrong with failing lead generation tactics – both from a consumer and businesses viewpoint – was the inability to truly capture the right customers from the get-go. 

Instead of vesting time into getting to know the workings of a business’ brand, ethos and positioning to ensure they reached out to the ‘perfect’ lead sources, outsourced data gatherers simply gathered 1000s of customer details from all over and packaged them into a bundle. The result, as Cory attests to, is companies overloaded with absent leads – most going untouched or deleted by their sales teams – and sitting stagnant in the sales pipelines.

Dig a little deeper

On a mission to align lead generation the most effective way possible for businesses, Cory’s philosophy is simple – lead with a two-touchpoint system.

  1. prep-engagement via multichannel strategizing
  2. deliver the leads to businesses when the timings right for the customer

By tailoring lead generation approaches specific to a business’ customer fit – inputting multiple layers of education, timing, relevancy, storytelling, and careful selection into every lead, Cory and his team are delivering businesses vested leads – leads that want to be led.

Generating happy ever after

Long-term lead generation vision is what Cory Gordon and his Growth Rocket team are focused on – and their success stories don’t just speak sales volume they herald ongoing opportunities for continued gains.

One such business would pay a high price for 1000s of leads a month and convert less than 3%.

“Just because a business is selling a great service or product – and they have the branding to back it – doesn’t mean a customer’s ready to buy it at the drop of a sales call. As lead generation specialists we have to work for both the best interests of the business and the customer,” explains Cory Gordon.

“So, we work to really understand the workings of a business – get to know their expectations, forecasts, their approach, and we journey with customers – nurturing them through sales funnels so we can deliver them to a business when they are ready to purchase a product or bring onboard a service. 

Lead generation of now doesn’t just happen behind the scenes – lead generation specialists, businesses, potential customers all have an active role.”






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